Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marvelous May

Well, another month has come and gone. I am already 7 months old!! My hair is finally starting to grow... that's about the most exciting thing on my end this month. Looking forward to Mommy being done with school so we can hang out more.

I am really enjoying rolling around on the floor and playing with the new toys Mommy bought me a few weeks ago. Cooper likes to try to lick my face while I roll all over. It makes me giggle and laugh so much!! I'm trying my darndest to start crawling... but I only go backwards or roll over. I do enjoy standing up though. I think I may just skip crawling and go straight to walking.... we'll see though. I've been fussing a lot again this week... I have another tooth coming in on the top. Fun stuff...

This month Mommy made me some homemade baby food. I did not like the green beans at all, even though they are one of my favorite veggies to eat! They must not freeze well. But I have enjoyed my squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. I hope she can get more creative... I am getting bored of plan veggies and fruit!

Lot's of parties coming up... we went to Jacqueline and Jeremy's house last Saturday. I loved playing with Amara's toys. Next Saturday is Brittany's graduation party and the weekend after that is Daddy's 30th Birthday and a going away party for Aunt Marchell and Uncle Dan. Then Mommy's birthday the next weekend!! We sure are busy. Can't wait for summer... no school and days at the pool.

Talk to you soon!


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