Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amazing April

Wow! It's been a long time since I've blogged... sorry about that. It's been a pretty busy month. Where to begin....

Met the Easter Bunny this month. He was so kind to wear an outfit that matched my Easter dress for our pictures. He was pretty cute. I really liked playing with his furry cheeks and whiskers!

I took my first plane ride to Tampa so that I could visit Grandma and Grand Dad for Easter. I brought Mommy and Daddy with me, too. But Cooper had to go on his own vacation without us... The plane ride was great. Lots of new people to meet and talk to and so many new and exciting things to see. I got to meet my Great Grandma Griffith (I think I will call her GG from now on... that's a mouth full!). I also went swimming, well floating, in the hot tub. The pool was a little too cool so I hung out there instead. I LOVE the water. It was fun to splash Mommy and Grand Dad. I have a little boat that I could hang out in... it was so relaxing. I also took my first dip in the Gulf of Mexico. After Easter dinner we took a sunset stroll on the beach. Daddy found me an AWESOME shark's tooth. It is a Tiger Shark tooth from a still-living shark. I also got lots of sea shells. I dipped my toes in the water and enjoyed watching the waves roll in and out, the people playing, and all the birds flying around. Can't wait to go back in July. Daddy booked us a trip for 10 whole days... lots of pool and beach time!! I am a born Beach and Sun Bum.

The week after we got home was a rough one... but for good reason. I got my first two teeth! They are on they bottom and coming up at the same time. I enjoy playing with them with my tongue and biting the spoon when Mommy feeds me. Sometimes they hurt, but a little time with my teething ring and things are all good.

Yesterday was my 6 month birthday. Daddy took me to the doctor for 4 more shots... OUCH!! I feel a little yucky today from them, but it's not too bad. I am really making progress. I can sit all by myself and roll all the way around now. I've been trying to inch around when I am on my belly but I've not gotten too far yet. I think I'll be crawling soon. Mommy and Daddy are in for it when that happens! Cooper, Mitch, and Tim better watch out, too!

School is going great... I really love my "Bunny" friends (that's the name of our room... the Baby Bunnies. How clever). It's usually just Paige, Trey, and myself. Trey's been out a while though... Miss Trish said he was in the hospital because he was really sick. I hope he feels better and I really hope he doesn't make me sick!! Miss Trish takes us for lots of walks now that the weather is nice. I love to be outside. It's so fun to see the birds and listen to them sing and to see all of our "senior" friends out and about Brethren Village. They sure are happy to see us babies everyday!

Well, that's about it for now. I promise I will not let it go so long between blogs.

Hugs and Kisses,

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