Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exciting Times

Well, nothing too exciting happened this past week. I turned 5 months old on Tuesday. I'm slowly but surely adding some more foods to my repetoire. My favorites are my cereals (rice, wheat, and barley), sweet potatoes, bananas, and green beans. Next up on the list is apple sauce.

I had a fun day today. Mommy and I went to look at houses with Aunt Dana and Uncle Andrew. Nana and Poppop were there, too. It was nice while we were out looking so it was fun to be outside. We ran into some trouble coming home though. Around Morgantown the sky got really black and ugly. Then it started to rain really hard and hail. Of course, I slept through all of it while Mommy got us home safely. I guess March is going out like a lion, just like it came in!

I can't wait for the spring weather. I want to go outside more!! Hopefully our trip to Florida in a few weeks will jump start this spring!


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